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Alibaba UK – 3-day coupon giveaway: up to US $80 off

Alibaba UK

Alibaba UKhas the following Promotion:-

On orders over US $200. You can check in for any three days in a month to receive coupons and get the corresponding amounts off your orders.

Valid from 25/07/2022 08:27:00 to 01/08/2023 08:17:00 inclusive; please do not attempt to use outside of this period.

Terms Apply :- Day 1 US $10 off your order over US $200. Day 2 US $20 off your order over US $500. Day 3 US $50 off your order over US $1,000. These coupons cannot be used against any shipping fees, applicable taxes, transaction fees, or other related costs and expenses.

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