Buying Washing Machine Guide

Looking for a new washing machine? Well, since your last purchase, Technology has changed them much over the last few years.

  • Motors are faster, quieter, more efficient and smaller allowing the drum to be larger and the load greater.
  • Washing cycles have improved with Intelligent systems which can adjust length of wash and the water consumption to the exact size of each load, so you only use whats needed to get excellent results.

Items to look for:-

Capacity ranges from smaller 5 kg models to those with impressive 12 kg load sizes. Larger machines also may have larger doors and new features such as an additional door to be able to add to a wash once the cycle has commenced.

Spin Speed can reach on washing machines between 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute (rpm) with lower speeds for delicates, etc. depending on the washing cycle. 1400 to 1500 rpm is great for every day washing but a 1600 rpm will prepare the clothes to be even dryer before hanging out.

Quick wash (as low as 15 mins) is useful when uniforms / work clothes need cleaning at the end of the day and they need washing and then drying overnight ready for the next day.

Noise levels have been reduce and with machines being in open plan kitchens, one under 50 dB(A) will be like a refrigerator hum and should not distract your enjoyment of other activities.

Guarantees and Reliability have increased.  Miele test their machines so thoroughly they claim they can last for 20 years and offer 10 year parts and labour warranties.  Some other manufactures offer 5 year parts and or labour over and above the standard 12 months. Dont forget to registered your product to ensure your full warranty.

Energy Rating gives a guide on water and electricity consumption, best are “A+++”.

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