ACS Custom Made PRO27 Communicator

ACS Custom Made PRO27 Communicator

The All In One Monitor/Hearing Protection The PRO-27 Communicator gives you the best of both worlds whether youre working in the pit lane or just riding for pleasure with our acclaimed high fidelity audio drivers and our most robust PRO series hearing protector. The PRO-27 Communicator brings you all the benfits of our PRO-27 ear plug so you can work and play safely in extremely loud environments. We then combine this with the same technology we use in our celebrated T3 in-ear monitor so you get incredibly clear and responsive audio thats great for both communications and listening to music. The PRO-27 Communicator keeps you protected whilst still allowing you to converse with those around you. Features Ear protection T3 Monitors built in Custom moulded for your ears 40 Shore Medical grade silicone with ¬ ACS PRO-27 Communicator The complete communication solution The PRO-27 Communicator gives you the best of both worlds with the strongest filter in the PRO series range giving you complete protection even in the most severe of environments and the same technology that we use in our T3 in- ear monitor allowing you to enjoy high fidelity audio for crisp communications and full-bodied music. The PRO-27 Communicator comes fitted as standard with our own kevlar reinforced cable for durability and because its moulded from soft silicone it can be worn comfortably underneath a helmet for extended periods. The PRO-27 Communicator has been independantly tested to conform to the EN352-2 standard for hearing protection so you can be sure that its giving you what you need to enjoy your passion or occupation safely. The next generation of filter design The PRO filter series has been designed anew with the wearer in mind. For starters its smaller than many competing filters which means it can fit into smaller ...

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