FiiO ?BTR Bluetooth Receiver with Built in Mic and aptX Support Colour BLACK

FiiO ?BTR Bluetooth Receiver with Built in Mic and aptX Support Colour BLACK

Independent volume control The ?BTR features independent local volume control which means that you can adjust both the Bluetooth devices volume and the ?BTRs own volume separately. Making it easier to get the volume thats just right for you. Fast charge Listen with the ?BTR continuously for 9 hours with its 120mAh battery then just charge for 1 hour to go again. The Typce-C symmetrical connector ensures that you can just as easily use any modern charger. Sync easy to AI Recognising that AI is the future the ?BTR allows easy access to voice assistants including Siri with just a double-click of the main button. Small and Slim Weighing only 12.5g and measuring 5.5cm long (about the size of your pinkie finger!) the ?BTR is extremely easy to have on you wherever you go- especially with the handy included elastic clips and lanyards. Easily connect or disconnect Getting back to your music over Bluetooth after disconnecting is simple with the ?BTR. Simply just press the main key once to easily connect and disconnect. 2 at a time pairing For more convenience the ?BTR can be paired up with two Bluetooth devices so that you can waste less time switching back and forth between your favourite gadgets. The ?BTR will default to the last-paired Bluetooth device. NFC With the ?BTRs NFC (near-field communication) functionality simply pair over Bluetooth with just one touch between the devices saving you the hassle of having to go through a rigorous pairing process. Built-in high-performance amplifier Inside the heart of the ?BTR lies the Texas Instruments TPA6132A2 a high-performance headphone amplifier. This allows the ?BTR to bring out the best of your headphones and provide a higher quality wireless experience better than that of a wired connection. High quality wireless audio made possible with the Qualcomm ...

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