GoPro Buoy GoPro, Sony Actioncams, Actioncams

GoPro Buoy GoPro, Sony Actioncams, Actioncams

Extremely pleasant wearing comfort and easy handlingThis mantona wrist strap made of foam-filled neoprene is pleasantly soft padded and gives your device additional power in the water. Devices such as action cams, mobile phones or very light cameras can be attached to your via a quick lock. Within a very short time, this holder can be easily attached to your wrist and gives you the freedom of movement required while swimming, snorkeling and diving - or simply while transporting your Actioncam on the beach. The mantona lift strap is always clearly visible through its bright color and makes it easier to find your equipment, should the hand strap have come loose from your arm. The material has a "floaty" function and generates a buoyancy force of approx. 200-220 grams, depending on the salt content, temperature and quality of the water. This is sufficient to protect popular action cams from GoPro, Xiaomi, Olympus, Sony, SJCAM and others with a weight of up to 200 grams from rapid water sinking. Please note that your attached device must be waterproof, possibly you have to install additional underwater housings or covers (as with the GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3 etc.).This text is machine translated.

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