Inverto Unicable II LNB 1/32 Unicable 2 LNB LNB feed size: 40 mm

Inverto Unicable II LNB 1/32 Unicable 2 LNB LNB feed size: 40 mm

The Unicable 2 LNB enables installations with up to 32 satellite receivers via a single cable, using the EN 50494/EN 50607 protocols, one gets so access to an unlimited number of transponders (also known as "dynamic" mode). Alternatively, the LNB can be configured to be a fixed transponders on ZF-frequency allocation offers (also known as the "static" mode). In this way, an unlimited number of receivers to be connected to the LNB by the digital channel stacking technology with up to 32 transponders (or more, depending on the bandwidth of the desired transponder). The digital channel stacking technology uses fast broadband analogue-to-digital converter and digital signal processing, in order to select the desired transponder channels, this transform and then as L-Band signals at the Unicable output to bundle. The Unicable 2 LNB offers full flexibility in the channel selection and supports much more set-top boxes using the existing cabling, this leads to lower costs and a simplified installation when the end user. The static mode allows an unlimited number of receivers to connect to the LNB, and thus a satellite distribution for living systems, much cheaper and easier than ever before to realize. The operating mode (dynamic or static), the signal level, the channel bandwidth, the number of user bands, the antennenjustier-modus between frequencies and an on-site by means of a programming device* can be configured and updated. The LNB is by a connected STB or via an external power supply unit and the power inserter is supplied with power, if the device is connected to the STB do not provide enough power can deliver. The Unicable 2 LNB is backward compatible and compliant with the EN 50494 and the EN 50607 standard. The communication between the multi-switch and the connected unicable receivers, is carried out according to EN50494 and/or EN 50607 and can be defined per user band and thus enables a seamless integration into installations consisting of only EN 50494-enabled or a mix of EN50494/EN 50607 compatible PVRs and HGWs of the next generation.This text is machine translated.

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