Kettle Fur Protector

Kettle Fur Protector

This wire ball helps prevent the build up of limescale in your electric and stove top kettle. Without regular de-scaling all kettles can get bunged up with limescale from your water supply, which can then start to over-load the thermostat on an electric kettle until such a point as the thermostat gives up- this is the commonest cause of kettlefailure. Stove top kettles rely on the heat from the hob boiling the water, limescale build up makes the boiling process less efficient wasting energy to reach the boiling point. Drop one of these into your kettle to scour the inside of the kettle, limescale also gets attracted to the wire ball. Take out of the kettle every month and scunch under a tap to wash off the limescale.fe of the element. Size: 2.5 cm x 4cm

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