NWA1123-AC Pro – Dual optimised 802.11ac 3×3 Standalone AP (with passive PoE injector)

NWA1123-AC Pro - Dual optimised 802.11ac 3x3 Standalone AP (with passive PoE injector)

Flexible and Easy Way to Manage your Access Point/s The Zyxel Hybrid series allows devices like the NWA1123-AC V2 can to be used is two modes by utilizing Zyxel’s NebulaFlex, you are able to easily switch between standalone and our License Free Nebula cloud management platform, anytime, with a few simple clicks.By allowing the two different modes, you are able to protect your investment in wireless technology by having the flexibility to benefit from the cloud in your own time, without the need to worry about additional ongoing licensing costs.Remember to take advantage of NebulaFlex ensure you are using the latest firmware which is freely available to download from zyxel.com High Performance and Reliable Connections Through Design With Zyxel’s Innovative design and commitment to 'RF First' for high performance and reliable connections through design, the NWA1123-AC Series delivers increased coverage and improved connection speeds for every client. Want to Benefit from Central Management? The Hybrid series of APs are able to join our License Free Nebula Cloud management platform. Simply register your AP via the portal (Nebula Control Center) and the device will automatically join, auto provision and begin to give you real-time control and information, anywhere, anytime. Not Ready for the Cloud… Just yet? Not ready for the cloud? No problem the hybrid series offers a standalone mode, allowing you to setup each AP via its local user-friendly web interface and setup wizard. The wizard will quickly guide you through the initial setup and have you up running in minutes. Wireless Built for User Experience Optimised wireless experience for users by combining wireless technologies like Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS), Load Balancing. These advanced functions ensure that users can enjoy a smooth, consistent and uninterrupted wireless experience. Flexible Operating Modes to Suit your Needs Not only does the AP offer two different styles of management via NebulaFlex (Cloud or Standalone). You are have the ability use the AP as a repeater / root-AP compatibility with Zyxel’s Unified Pro Series and Unified Series APs. By taking advantage of these features, users can extend wireless connectivity to challenging locations by wirelessly bridging the devices together without the need to use cables. Built for Reliability, not Just Performance Our Access Points are not just designed for performance but are built from high quality components, including solid-state capacitors to ensure long life and operational reliability.

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